About Neighborhood Experts


An area expert is a blog writing position.  The position requires the following skills:

  • English language — To successfully accomplish this job you will need a mastery of the written English language. You must take care to properly punctuate, use good grammar and above all use words in the proper context.  This means you don’t use a fancy word when a plain one will do.  You don’t use a coarse phrase when a precise selection of obscure lexicon is what is needed.
  • Ability to follow instructions — We will give very specific instructions.  You must be able to read, understand and follow instructions.
  • Ability to work on a daily basis — This job will require that you sign in and do work every single day.  If you cannot do this for at least a year, you are probably not the right person for the job.  With proper diligence this could one day be a full-time job.  For now this job will require an hour or two of effort.
  • Ability to research — You will write about an area that is foreign to you, namely a particular neighborhood, town or zip code in Northern Virginia near Washington DC.  You must be able to understand the difference between facts and opinions and only report facts.
  • Understand how to prepare an invoice.  — We will provide an example and help with your first invoice.  After that you must do this without any help. You must always be honest.  If your invoice is wrong or dishonest, your contract will be terminated instantly.
  • You must do all the work yourself!  — This is important.  You will be terminated if you allow someone else to do work on your behalf.  We always find out the people who don’t do the work themselves.

Summary of Duties

Each day you will create:

  • Neighborhood Tips — These are articles that aren’t more than a sentence or two. The information is largely pulled from comments the agents have written in a listing that will inspire you. You will create 4 per day.
  • Gallery Post — Just put a bunch of pictures from your neighborhood in a post and give it a snappy headline. You will create 1 per day.
  • Rehash — Take an old post and rewrite a sentence or two in your own words. You will create 1 per day.
  • Landmark Post — Up to this point it should go really quickly. This one will require a tiny bit of research. Look at a map. Read about the area. Write an article. You will create 1 per day.
  • Community Post — A community post is a post about a subdivision or condo community. This is pretty straight-forward if you just look at a couple of listings in your area. This is due every other day.

Detailed Explanation of Duties

You must understand the concept of listings. A listing is a post about a property (home, townhome or condo) for sale in your neighborhood. Each day our website automatically posts a number of new listings for sale in your neighborhood. You will use those listings to write different types of articles.

How to write a Neighborhood Tip

t first you will write 1 article to make sure you understand the concept.  After you have received corrections you will write 2 articles.  And then you will be require to generate 4 articles each day.  Each tip is composed of:

  • A headline — This is creatively written by you but it follows the required format
  • Content — Content is at least 1 line of text, usually more.  The listings will provide a source for most content.
  • An image — We have thousands of images for you to choose from in our content library.
  • A featured image — (As above)
  • Two or three tags — Tags are pulled from the source content.  Each article is tagged with a postal code, the type of property.
  • One or two categories — The City and the subdivision (also called “tract”) are categories. The price range of the listing is also a category.
  • Detailed Instructions

How to create a Gallery Post

You will produce one gallery post per day. A gallery post is a collection of 6 to 12 pictures from your neighborhood, blending old and new images in a theme imagined by you.

How to write a Rehash

You will write 1 “Rehash” per day. To create a rehash, take one of our older articles and rewrite the information in your own words.  These will be longer and take a little more work than your 4 articles above. Detailed instructions

How to write a Landmark Post

A Landmark Post is a post that describes a local landmark.  You will discover a landmark in your neighborhood. It will be a library, an attraction, a school, a transit service, a park, a business or a road. Use maps, Google or our website to write about a landmark in your neighborhood. You will research this landmark and write a brief article describing this landmark. Detailed Instructions

How to write a Community Post

A Community Post is an article about a subdivision, neighborhood or condominium community in your area. Every other day you will write one article about a neighborhood, subdivision or condominium in your neighborhood.  You should include information about when the homes were built, how they are constructed (brick, siding, etc.) and the general price range of the properties in this community. Every community post starts with a good title as described here! Detailed Instructions


Before you Begin

Before you begin, you must read and understand the following articles.