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Categories are nested

On our site, categories are nested, meaning that categories are inside categories inside categories. Sounds a little confusing but it’s not. Here’s an example of how categories can be nested:

  • Northern Virginia
    • Fairfax County
      • Vienna
  • Fun Stuff
    • Restaurants

In these examples, Vienna is in Fairfax County which is in Northern VA.  Restaurants are in Fun Stuff, but not in Vienna.  When you categorize your article if you select Vienna your article is automatically in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia. If you select Fairfax County, your article is in Northern Virginia, but it is not in Vienna.  When you pick your categories you only need one or two. If you article is about  a restaurant in Vienna, then you would only check Vienna and Restaurants.  Lots of tags is a good thing, but you only need a couple of categories for your article.

Because there are so many categories, it can sometimes be hard to find the category you want. Control+F will open a tool in your browser that will make it easier to find the category you want.  If you think you’ve found a new category, let me know, we just might add a category.

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