Avoid opinions

Never “sell” a property or location, by which I mean, don’t tell the reader how great the area is.  Instead tell the reader what the area is and let the reader supply the opinion.  Examples of what not to say:

  • “The homes are the epitome of luxury.”
  • “This is a a great neighborhood.”

We prefer to state simple facts.

  • Good: The homes here are large. | Better: The homes here average around 3000 sqft. | Bad: You’ll love these homes.
  • Good: This neighborhood is convenient. | Better: This neighborhood is located near the intersection of Main and Elm, close to the shopping center. | Bad: The neighborhood has a great location.
  • Good:These newly-built homes feature many luxuries. | Better: These homes feature large stately rooms, granite countertops and arching ceilings in the foyer. | Bad: These homes are the epitome of luxury.
  • Good: The schools here are good and the neighborhood is well-served by shops and restaurants. | Better: The neighborhood is served by Harrison Middle School and Polk Elementary.  Residents here are very close to the Gooberville Shopping Mall. | Bad: This is one of the best places to live in Northern Virginia.

Words that probably shouldn’t be used because they involve an opinion:

  • perfect
  • great
  • super
  • bad
  • good
  • prestigious

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