Starting Out

We don’t need screenwriters or authors. We don’t care if you studied at the Juliard School of Writing under a great master. We do care that you can write reasonably well with minimal spelling and grammatical errors. Rather than a drawn out interview process, we have got a simple system to let us both try each other out.

What I’d like to do is have you register and write an article or two about a neighborhood or community in Northern VA. I will pay for these articles or article. After you’ve finished, I will let you know how much I am willing to pay for the type of work you have submitted in the future. If you agree to that offer, then I will give you the okay to complete a larger block of work. If you disagree I will pay what you were promised and we can part ways.

The reason the pay is low is because I will use your work to begin to teach you what we need. The quicker you learn the more you already know, the soon I can push you on to the next phase. My end goal is to end up with writers that require minimal supervision, but produce exactly what we need and get paid nicely to so just that.

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