Getting Paid

We pay once a week on Fridays. This is some work to creating checks or sending Paypal and we want to bunch these together and knock them out at one time. In order to get paid, you need to email me an invoice. Invoices are sent in the following format:

Work Completed | URL | rate | amount
Article written | URL | rate | amount
Task Completed | URL | rate | amount
Total due—————–> Total

Tally this in a Google Docs spreadsheet and share the spreadsheet with me. Each week should be a new worksheet in the spreadsheet.

preferred form of payment (Paypal, check) | your name, address or email

You invoice should contain URLs and prices per each project completed.  The invoice should total to the amount we agreed.  The invoice should be dated and numbered because (hopefully) it will be first of many.

If you don’t follow this format your payment can be delayed.

We can mail a check. You can pick up a check. We can send Paypal.  If you are hired through Odesk you will be paid through Odesk.


Sample Invoice


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