Basic Blogging Tips

Your posts can be about anything you like . . . within certain parameters. We most like articles that tell us things that you personally know about a community or an area. We least like articles that come from research from other websites or include events, price lists or other inane data.

We’re about Northern Virginia.

When we say Northern Virginia, we mean Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Prince William (Manassas/Woodbridge), Fairfax County (Vienna, Centreville, Chantilly, Annandale, Springfield, Burke, Fairfax Station, etc.)  We don’t want articles about Leesburg or Loudon County.  Leesburg is Northern VA but it’s too far from our offices for us to really work. We’re not interested in Fredericksburg or Stafford.

Tag your posts

Tags are there for people who use search engines to find our articles.  Put in lots of tags that are phrases or words that people might use to find your article. If your article has a zipcode, always make the zipcode a tag. If your article has a location, always put the city as one of the tags.

Categorize your posts

Our site will automatically sort and categorize your articles put them with other relevant articles. However, for this to happen you have to properly categorize your articles. There are a LOT of categories and they can be a little overwhelming at first. Unlike tags, you only need one or two categories. One category should be the town or community of the post. This tells the site which map to put on your post. One category should be the subject of your post.

Tip: Family and personal is about Will Nesbitt’s family and his personal experiences. Unless you’re Will, you probably don’t want to use this category. ;^)

Insert a few links

Always put one or two links in your article. Adding links is easy, but click here if you don’t know how to add a link. The goal is to link to pages on our site or sites. The goal is NOT to link to other people’s sites around the web.

Fair Housing

Fair Housing Laws have very strict and specific guidelines for what real estate agents may discuss.  We may not discuss the race, religion, ethnic background or languages that cluster in any given community.  We avoid talking about this in order that people will not avoid or flock to a given neighborhood because of the make-up of the people in the neighborhood.  We can talk about schools, and neighborhood amenities such as restaurants and activities. We avoid talking about churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious buildings.  We don’t talk about the ethnic make-up of a neighborhood.  Where I see these types of editorials I will delete them.



Adding Pages

From time to time, you might be assigned the task of creating pages. Step 1 is to actually create the page. In the admin panel, under the “Pages” tab you’ll find a link called “Add New”.  If you don’t have a “Pages” tab in your admin menu that’s because I’ve not given you proper permissions.  …

Categories are nested

On our site, categories are nested, meaning that categories are inside categories inside categories. Sounds a little confusing but it’s not. Here’s an example of how categories can be nested: Northern Virginia Fairfax County Vienna Fun Stuff Restaurants In these examples, Vienna is in Fairfax County which is in Northern VA.  Restaurants are in Fun …

Copying and Pasting

You are being paid for original information and thus should never copy and paste text from other websites into a blog post. However some people prefer to write their posts in a word processor and then copy material from that program into WordPress.  On rare occasions, you might want to post information from another site …

How much is too much?

On the web, no one wants to read a book. People use our site because they are looking for direct information.  If you have a particularly long post, you probably have 3 or 4 posts and don’t realize it.  3 or 4 related posts are much better than 1 long post.  This way people find …

How to upload a picture

It’s easy to upload picture and ad them to your posts.  Above the box where you input text in your post is the formatting bar. Just above that is a “Upload/Insert”.  Click on the icon to upload a picture. Select the file you want to upload and click okay. This uploads your picture to the …

Image options

Picture tips

Every article on our site should have a picture or two.  For some jobs we require you to upload a picture but for most jobs images are found in the Media Library. To upload a picture click the “Upload/Insert” icon just above the toolbar when you are entering text for your post.  After you click …

Tags, tags, tags

Tags are used by search engines to decide what your article is about. Although you only need to put your  article in a couple of categories, put a lot of tags on your article. Pick tags that you think someone might use  to find your article in a search engine. Whenever possible put in the …

What should I write about?

Firstly and mostly, write about what you know.  Write about things that you have seen first hand.  Tell us little tidbits of life that someone who’s not from Northern VA wouldn’t know.  If you’re thinking hard about what to write, you’re doing it the wrong way.  Here’s the topics we most like: Condos — We …

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