Try to make your listings as localized as possible.

As described elsewhere, whenever possible, you’ll want to add listings to your posts. But one of the most important things about your listings is that they should be as localized as possible. Which is to say you don’t want to do listings in Alexandria if you can do Old Town Alexandria.  And you don’t want to do Old Town Alexandria if you can do Alexandria House (a condominium in Old Town).

You can search by tract, zip, area. You can search by home size, bedrooms and more to find homes and neighborhoods.

Most importantly, you’ll want to use a pre-saved link whenever you can.

inserting listing inserting listings

Popup when inserting listings

To see a list of “pre-saved” links click the tab indicated in red above.  Many condominiums, neighborhoods and communities have pre-saved links.  Nearly every school district is found in the pre-selected links.

list of pre-saved links

Pre-saved links are lists of properties that I have created and saved. That’s why they call them “pre-saved”. When you click on this tab you’ll find an alphabetized list of links to insert.


If you’re writing about a condominium community or subdivision/neighborhood, then select area type “tract”.  Then you’ll get a list of all the subdivisions in Northern VA.

The blue line is on the “show larger photos”.  Don’t ever check this. I think the smaller photos work better with our blog.