Landmark post

A “landmark post” is a post about a landmark in your neighborhood. Always avoid opinions in landmark posts. A landmark post is a description about the functions, services and location of a landmark in your neighborhood. Some landmarks are.:

  • Transit station. What’s the nearest Metro stop?
  • Schools. Detail information about a school serving this community? Include a link to the school. You can find a list of the schools to link to here. (Scroll down.)
  • A park
  • A library
  • A shopping center
  • A business
  • A governmental office
  • A major road
  • A particular subdivision or condominium

Don’t write in bullet points. Do write in clear concise sentences. Don’t use flowery language. Do use correct spelling and punctuation. In total your article should only be 1 or 2 paragraphs long.

At the end of the article add “Homes for sale in” the community you’re writing about and then add listings. Its quite possible that you don’t know the first thing about the neighborhood you’re writing about. If so add the listings, publish your work then look at the listings to do your research. Always make your listings as localized as possible.

A landmark post can require some research.  Use Bing. Google, our website and other resources to learn about the landmark.

Add a picture to your post. Select a featured image from the Media Library as well. If you feel it’s really important you may request pictures.  Email aubrey at nesbittrealty dot com and let him know what you need pictures of.  Tell him to ask Will Nesbitt for directions otherwise he will ignore you.

Don’t forget to add a featured image.  How to add a featured image.

Finish by tagging and categorizing your post.