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What should I write about?

Firstly and mostly, write about what you know.  Write about things that you have seen first hand.  Tell us little tidbits of life that someone who’s not from Northern VA wouldn’t know.  If you’re thinking hard about what to write, you’re doing it the wrong way.  Here’s the topics we most like:

  • Condos — We like inside information about area condominiums.  Location, amenities, updates, commute, common areas …
  • Subdivisions — Tell us how old the homes are. Townhouse, house?  Brick, siding?  Big, small? Cheap, expensive?  Commute?  Never “sell it”.  Don’t tell me how great it is.  Tell me what it is and I’ll decide if it’s great or not.
  • Towns/Cities — Where do people work?  What’s it like downtown?  Where do people hang-out? What do they do for fun?
  • Neighborhoods — What’s it like to live here?  Never talk about race or religion and you can’t say the word “safe”.  Just tell us what the houses and lawns are like.  What are the schools like.
  • Schools — High Schools, middle schools, elementary schools, private schools, colleges, universities
  • Major employers — Any employer with more than 200 employees is interesting.  How many people work there? What does the company do?  What neighborhoods and towns are close commutes?
  • Libraries, parks, sites, restaurants, fun things to do — Of course tell us the address and location, but don’t copy and paste info from the target’s site.  Instead tell us about the time you went there and what it was like.  Always include the zip code in the tag.


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