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Community The

There are never any communities with names like Pavilion The or Villages The.  Sometimes agents enter data that way so that the communities are properly alphabetized.  You should enter the same way the agent entered for the tract / code, but use The Pavillion or The Villages or The Plaza in your article.

Check your spelling!

Spelling is important. Bad spelling, typographical errors and other misprints give the reader the impression that you don’t know what you’re talking about or that you don’t care about what you are saying.  If you’re not doing so already you may want to download, install and use Mozilla Firefox.  (It’s also free.)  Firefox has a …

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How to jazz up your title.

Titles of articles are almost as important as the article itself.  A poorly titled article might never get read. A mistitled article will frustrate the reader. A vague title will never get found in the mountain of information that is the Internet. 5 Great Titles One of the best titles is the “list”.  For example: …

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