Will Nesbitt

Will is the principal broker of Nesbitt Realty and Condo Alexandria. He is licensed in anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but focuses on those communities found in and around Alexandria, Arlington, Mount Vernon and Springfield/Franconia. Will has been involved in real estate management, sales and investment for more than twenty years. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army. While in the army, he studied Russian at Monterey's Defense Language Institute. He is also a "veteran of the dotcom wars" and built most of the sites associated with NesbittRealty.com Will currently resides in Belle Haven Estates just outside Old Town, overlooking New Alexandria. He is a former president of the Mount Vernon Youth Athletic Association and founded the Alexandria Fun with Friends Group. Will is the author of BattlestorM, a tabletop fantasy game, which was published by Ral Partha Publishing in the late '90's, and Arthur's Realm, a boardgame available at the Gamecrafter.

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Place name images

Below are acceptable examples of place name images. The preferred format has a place name, an abstract form and the logo.  All images must be 400 px by 400 px.       Place name images are in the form shown above Images should be PNG and should have a transparency.. Be creative. You must …

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Organizing posts

Don’t edit any posts that are marked “DO NOT DELETE”.  That means they’ve already been edited.   Sort Each Post by Price Category The price categories are: Affordable = less than $400,000 Standard = from $400,000 to $800,000 Luxury = from $800,000 to $1,300,000 Super Luxury = $1,300,000 and up   Click “update” or publish.  …

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Attempting to use Feed to Post from WP RSS Multi-importer

Adding images to the media library

This page needs correction.

It’s really important to properly title your images, caption your image and give alternate tags to your images when you load them into the Media Library. If you don’t do this then your images won’t be found when we need them. This also helps Google find your images. Click on any of the screenshots below …

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Community Post

A “community post” is a post about a community.   Every community post starts with a good title as described here.  Always avoid opinions in community posts. A community post is nothing but an aggregation of facts about a neighborhood. The article should contain: Transit or commute options.  Is the community near a metro line? Schools.  …

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Control Panel


Access the Control Panel here.  If you need access you will be provided credentials.   Click on the image for a larger version of this screenshot. The Links panel has a list of custom links, many of which I and other bloggers like you created.  If you need an RSS URL simply use the search …

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Adding a market snapshot / graph

view the chart

Click on the images to see larger screenshots. After you’ve created your own image / graph, upload that image to the Media Library.  Make sure you enter identifying information int the title and tag of the image.  Delete the graph generated by the button and add the image you created to the article.  Make the …

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Creating a “Yelp” post

insert address

A “Yelp” post is about businesses that serve a community where people might want to buy a house.  To write a “Yelp” post, start by picking an area.  For a list of the areas we serve, check: Territory; or, Sitemap. It’s not helpful for our readers or desirable for our writers to start at “top …

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Check your spelling!

Spelling is important. Bad spelling, typographical errors and other misprints give the reader the impression that you don’t know what you’re talking about or that you don’t care about what you are saying.  If you’re not doing so already you may want to download, install and use Mozilla Firefox.  (It’s also free.)  Firefox has a …

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Try to make your listings as localized as possible.

inserting listing inserting listings

As described elsewhere, whenever possible, you’ll want to add listings to your posts. But one of the most important things about your listings is that they should be as localized as possible. Which is to say you don’t want to do listings in Alexandria if you can do Old Town Alexandria.  And you don’t want …

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