How to Write a Post From Realtor(TM) Ideas


  • Dashboard – the main work area inside WordPress [more]
  • WordPress – the system that is used for content management and creating content [more]
  • Post – A post is an article in WordPress [More]
  • Template – Is a framework for building pages and posts. Beginners never edit or create templates.
  • Tags – Tags are a useful way to sort and organize content on a web page. [more]
  • Categories – Categories sort and organize pages. [more]


  • Start a post — You create a new post by clicking “Add New” under Posts on the left navbar. [Detailed Instructions]
  • Get an idea — Follow the link below for story ideas
    • General ideas
    • Real Estate Tips
    • NAR Realtor Story Ideas — Updated daily. This is the best source. Do NOT copy the story springboard. Instead use that as a tip for what to write. If you need to make up a quote or two that applies to the story springboard.
    • How To — Make sure to remove all the advertisements. Press This can help you add text.  Here’s an example of the before and after of an article. [Before] [After]
    • Design Tips — Summarize the article and carry over a picture or two.  “Blockquote” makes everything indented and italicized. Often Press This will put the copied text in blockquote. You can get rid of blockquote by putting your cursor at the start of the paragraph and then clicking the large quotation mark icon in the tool bar. You can also highlight text and add or remove blockquotes. [Before] [After]
  • Personalize and Edit — Add local touches. Take an article from NAR story ideas and add a city from our territory to the article. You can find a list of cities we work on our front page. Examples:
    • NAR Headline Reads “Homeowners Are Finally Ready to Sell”. Change to “Homeowners Are Finally Ready to Sell In Alexandria”
    • Real Estate Tip headline says “7 Reasons to Own A Home”. Change to “7 Reasons to Own A Home in Arlington”
  • You can generally use the NAR material verbatim but add in some local touches. Add a quote from one of our Realtors. For example, Alan Clernix says, “Now, is a great time to talk to an agent who knows Burke VA.”
  • Add a picture.  [Detailed instructions]
  • Add listings to the bottom of the article.  [How to add listings]
  • Add tags and a category.  The category can usually be the city.  Tags and categories are found on the right sidebar in the post creation page. [how to add tags] with examples [more]
  • Insert a “read more” tag after the first paragraph. [about more tag and how to insert one]
  • Publish.