Adding images to the media library

It’s really important to properly title your images, caption your image and give alternate tags to your images when you load them into the Media Library. If you don’t do this then your images won’t be found when we need them. This also helps Google find your images. Click on any of the screenshots below to see a larger image.

media dashboard

Notice that thes pictures were not titled.

From the screen above I click on “EDIT” to get the “Edit Media” page. Here’s one of the pictures that needs to be corrected.

This page needs correction.

Notice the "Title" was named by the computer. There is no alternate text, but this image has a caption.

Here’s the same image after it was corrected.

proper method

The title is the location of the shot. The alternative text is a phrase describing what is in the shot. The caption is a sentence that relates to the shot.

Here’s a link to the actual image.