Creating a “Yelp” post

A “Yelp” post is about businesses that serve a community where people might want to buy a house.  To write a “Yelp” post, start by picking an area.  For a list of the areas we serve, check:

It’s not helpful for our readers or desirable for our writers to start at “top level” locations like Alexandria or Arlington.  We prefer more localized searches like Old Town (which is in Alexandria) or Wooster Mercer Lofts (which are in Rosslyn which is in Arlington).  So use the Territory and Sitemap to drill down to a very specific neighborhood or condominium.  Once you’ve picked a target, get an address from a listing at the target location.  Title your article creatively as shown here.

Now, insert your Yelp data as shown in the images below. If necessary, click on the thumbnails below to see full-sized screenshots.

You can also use the option parameters to enter 1 specific category into your post.  After completing the steps above some code will appear in your post.  Publish or update your post and you’ll see the Yelp generated information in your post.

Next you’ll you’ll need to open up your article again and add some text above the code that calls Yelp data.  You might want to leave your published article open in one window while you edit the same article in another window.  This is because now that your article has populated with some information, you’ll need research one or two of the businesses that have high ratings.  Your article will be a paragraph or so long in length and include  a line or two of text about these businesses. If you can find it easily drop a link to the businesses site.  (Click here for tips on adding links.)

Most importantly, make sure that you add a link to the page on our site where you originally found the neighborhood, territory or condominium  which you have targeted.

Make  sure you properly tag and categorize your article and then publish. Now pat yourself on the back for a job well done. We like lots of tags and just a few categories.  Make sure the ZIPcode is one of the tags.