Adding a link to your post

Every post you write should include one or two links (also called hyperlinks) to relevant material in one of our sites. We most often like to link to towns/cities/communities, but we also like links to schools, zipcodes, condos and subdivisions. You can find a list of pages here on our our sitemap. A sitemap is a list of pages found in our site.  We are also affiliated with a number of sites and the easy way to find those pages is to use the search bar found at the top of every page of our site.


Most pages have a "local search" tool. Use it to find links.

Use the sitemap or the search bar to find the URL (also called “the address”) you want to put in your hyperlink. Then copy the address, and then highlight text in your document where you want to insert the hyperlink. Just above the screen to enter text in your posting is a formatting bar.  One of the formatting options is a button that looks like a chain.  That icon represents a chain “link” or a link.  With the text you want to link highlighted click the link button and then insert the address or URL.  Close the pop-up and then publish your work.  Now, view your article and click on your link to see if it actually works as you intended.

link button

the link button


In addition to the above method, the link tool itself will allow you to search for related links to easily insert them.


Click the triangle to open the drop down, then enter search criteria in the text box.

Click on either picture to see a larger image.